Camino Al Tepeyac

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Salome Nieto
Artistic Director and Production Manager: Eduardo Meneses-Olivar
Lighting Designer: Mark Eugster
Video Designer: Candelario Andrade
Mask Maker: Gina Bastone
Sound Design: pataSola dance
Costume and Set Design: pataSola dance
Music Mixing and Recording: Robert James Mitchell
Costume Alteration: Leslie Dyer & Lada Santic
Production Assistants: Malena Meneses-Skoda, Taylor Janzen
Duration: 50 minutes

Inspired by Mexican religious iconography, this rich, magical piece explores Mexico’s Realismo Magico through themes of devotion, ritual and myth. Camino al Tepayac is a metaphor for the convergence of two cultural and religious beliefs in a female deity (Tonantzin or Virgin of Guadalupe) whose virtues, parallels  and contradictions are deeply-rooted in  Mexican culture.

During the creation process Camino  al Tepeyac was performed in both a theatre setting and a site-specific outdoor venue. The work became a ‘happening’, engaging audiences in the mystic experience of a ritual. Regardless of the venue, Camino with its prominent visuals and enchanting theatrical experience, brought audiences together in  a transformative journey.