Metamorphosis butoh

Choreography & Direction: Gustavo Collini-Sartor (Argentina)
Performance: Salome Nieto
Lighting Design: Eduardo Meneses-Olivar
Costume Design: Mundo Butoh Argentina, Sans Soucie (Canada), Prayer Textile Gallery (Thailand), ODAKI (Mexico)


Metamorphosis Butoh Puedes Volar Mariposa is an international collaboration between Argentinian and Canadian artists Gustavo Collini-Sartor and Salome Nieto, co-produced by Mundo Butoh Argentina and pataSola dance. This work explores the spirit of death and rebirth; a recurring theme in the vanguard aesthetic of Butoh; a protest against the radioactive ashes with our bodies dancing, entering the threshold to a universal spiritual and poetic orgy to arrive to the new.  The piece is part of a larger project directed and created by Gustavo Collini-Sartor with title “Origins” in which he explores the meaning and connections between ancestral memory, identity, truth and transformation; the underlying themes of this new work.




I dance a small dance

the dance of the missing women and children

the dance of the forgotten men 

they come to inhabit my body